Best Hotels in Baguio

Baguio is one the cities in Philippines which is well known for its cool weather. The city attractions are clustered in a relatively small area as compared to the other tourist destinations. For this reason there are many hotels present in Baguio to serve the tourists, providing a luxury environment. The list starts with Hotel Supreme which is one of the popular hotels in Baguio. This hotel provides you all the facilities and a comfortable environment and more importantly it is very affordable, as it is available at cheap rates with promotions and other offers.

Manhattan Suites is a three star hotel in Baguio which is present in a good location, providing you with all the required facilities, the staff is very polite and helpful and they make sure to provide a completely comfortable environment for you and your family/friends to enjoy. The breakfast is served hot with a combination of the Philippino and Continental touch. It is present in a residential area and is completely inexpensive, working good for your pocket.

The Prince Plaza hotel is a two star hotel in Baguio city proper, holding over 54 rooms. This hotel has a modern architecture and laid back interior design. The rooms are well appointed holding a picturesque view of the tree scaled highlands. This hotel is present in the heart of the city present near the area which is famous for art shops, restaurants and cafes. It is also close to the city’s business district and many other tourist locations.

Another great place to stay in Baguio is the Hotel Albergo which is a three star luxury hotel with all the charms and facilities you look for in a hotel while you’re away from home. Apart from the general facilities, there is a massage point and spa present in the hotel plus a very beautiful garden and even a smoking area. According to the reviews, people who stayed at the hotel had a very pleasant experience with big, well lit comfortable rooms and cooperative hotel management. It is present at a location away from the main city but that is suitable if you require a peaceful stay.

Apart from all the great hotels present in Baguio the Hotel Cosmopolitan is the best hotel in Baguio. It is the award winning hotel in Baguio which recently got the 2014 Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence and is recognized as the Top performing Bed & Breakfast reviewed by travelers on the World’s Largest Travel Site. Hotel Cosmopolitan is reviewed as one of the excellent places to stay, providing you all the facilities including free Wi-Fi. The hotel is located in the ideal location near to the restaurants and the main business district of the city, which makes it the best place to stay during your visit to Baguio. It is the first Boutique Hotel in Baguio with a marvelous interior and beautiful decoration. You can easily get cabs from the outside which will take you to the attractions and even drop you back to the hotel. The captivating city view from the hotel rooms is so pleasant that it gives the visitors a refreshing boutique hotel experience. The management is superb as they greet the visitors warmly providing a personalized service for the guests. The hotel focuses on the individual to make sure that they make his or her experience at the hotel a memorable one. This hotel is ranked number 6th on the Tripadvisor.com making it one of the best hotels in the Baguio City.

Why Rubber Playground Mats Are A Great Idea For Children’s Playgrounds

rubber playground mats are synonymous with versatility, resilience and sturdiness. They also come with great cushioning qualities that can make them be termed as great buffer zones on which to be active on.

They are not only smooth but they can also be interlocked bring better drainage, two qualities that make them ideal for being used in a school or at a festival by children.

There are several reasons for their being the perfect tiles to lay on the compound for use by the youngsters. These relate to toughness, safety, durability, size and the right colors for different occasions.

On the issue of toughness, rubber playground mats are the ideal kits for use in areas where children play because they are versatile and do not break easily. They create a streamlined surface that they can slide on that is marked out for its sturdy integrity such that even when they are overexerted upon, they can carry the weight in a flexible manner. This in turn prevents them from being eaten from underneath by the surface that they are laid on.

They can also be termed as great shock absorbers that can be able to receive the full impact of the players without shrinking whether in size or in their alignment. This makes them remain straight for as long as they are laid on the given surface.

Another reason why rubber playground mats are a great idea for childrens playgrounds concerns the issue of safety. They come in thicknesses of several millimeters that reduce the chances of tripping on a shallow surface.

This sense of security on the users can also be seen in the fact that they are dense on their surfaces that makes them appropriate cushions against which to make any kind of jumps or exercise. Furthermore, despite their soft exterior, they come with toughened texture to ensure that one does not slide unduly.

On the respect of durability, rubber playground mats have no peer in the flooring industry. Not only are they treated with an effective solution to give them a sun resistant finish, but they are also waterproof.

This is critical especially due to the fact that they are mainly used on an exterior setting. This prevents them form becoming discolored and losing their natural tincture despite their frequent use.

They also come in a range of sizes that are provided with their rating for accommodating falls from players. Thus one can get a durable one that, especially regarding the perverse nature of children to play, can receive impacts after every P.E. lesson everyday without show of dilapidation.

The final reason why these are a great idea for childrens playgrounds is the fact that they come in a selection of bold shades that are complementary to the occasion being celebrated. There are solid dark shades as there are other variegated combination that look like mosaic.


In short, playground rubber flooring is a great idea for children’s playgrounds because they are tailored to be safe, versatile, shock absorbent and durable.